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It is possible to convert Accord, ChemDraw and ISIS for Excel files to JChem for Excel compatible format with a separate application: JChem for Excel File Converter tool. You have to download it from the website (in .msi and .exe format) and install on your computer. (.msi is recommended for administrators, .exe is for users.) Before starting installing, be sure that the following packages are already available on your computer:


Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 SP1 (Note that higher versions are not supported, so the installed version should be exactly 3.5 or lower.)
Open XML SDK 2.0 for Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack


Before installing, please check if the Windows feature for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is selected in Control Panel/Programs/Programs and Features (Uninstall a program).




If these applications are not available on your computer, the converter tool will be installed, but when starting to use it, an error message will appear on the screen.




To read more information about this tool, please read the User's Guide's related topic: We have related actions, which are described in details in User's Guide's Actions Reference/ConvertISISToJC4XLAction ( and Actions Reference/ConvertChemDrawToJC4XLAction (





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