Enabling Automation Add-In

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Enabling an automation add-in in Excel is a user-level setting. JChem for Excel provides a simple PowerShell script that shows how to enable automation add-in on remote computers by administrators. The script file is in the Admin Guide folder under the JChem for Excel installation folder. You can enable the automation add-in using this script (from a PowerShell window):


.\EnableAutomationAddin.ps1 /CurrentUser


What does it do? To enable the automation add-in automatically we need to modify the registry. Under the




key we need to create the following entry:


OPENx        /A "JChemExcel.Functions"


If there is not other entry starting with OPEN the name is simply OPEN, otherwise x needs to be the subsequent number, therefore the names should be like this: OPEN, OPEN1, OPEN2, etc.


This is valid for newer Excels as well, like 2007 and 2010:





JChem for Excel installer does the same for the current user who is installing. The installer creates a log file about this which can be found under the user's Application Data folder in ChemAxon\JChem for Excel\Installer.log file.


Excel creates user-related registry keys at the first run, however, the installer sets these values even before the first run of the Excel.


Background information:





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