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MSI Logging


Logging example for install and uninstall:


msiexec /i JChem_For_Excel_5.4.1.143.msi /lvx* d:\temp\JCXL-install.log


msiexec /uninstall JChem_For_Excel_5.4.1.143.msi /lvx* d:\temp\JCXL-uninstall.log



Please note when you use some path to the installer which contains spaces, use quotes around it, for example:


msiexec /i "C:\Document and Settings\User\Desktop\JChem_For_Excel_5.4.1.143.msi" /lvx* d:\temp\JCXL-install.log



If you use exe installers, please create logs this way:


JChem_For_Excel_5.4.1.143.exe /i /lvx* d:\temp\JCXL-install.log


JChem_For_Excel_5.4.1.143.exe /uninstall // /lvx* d:\temp\JCXL-uninstall.log




Custom Action Logging


The installer writes another log into the following file:


<user-home>\AppData\Roaming\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel\Installer.log


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