Registry Settings

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Entry point and the main component, which firstly loaded is the ConnectProxy. This component represents the basic proxy calls from Excel to the Core of JChem for Excel.


Loading strategy of the Core can be done by the predefined 2 different approaches represented in the registry. After deployment it can be customized by the system administrator.


Registry for loading strategy in 32-bit Windows is:



in case of 64-bit Windows:



Settings can be 0 or 1 for the integer type (WORD) entry.

0x0 means that JChem for Excel will be loaded in a very lazy way, when the user firstly hits any of JChem for Excel functionalities requiring CLR to be running.
0x1 (default and recommended) means that CLR host for managed area will be loaded instantly but on a separate thread not to block loading of further add-in(s).


Instant loading of CLR is also useful for trusted VSTO custom add-in, since CLR will be loaded by the secured call stack of Excel in the beginning.


Another changeable part of the loading process is the Splash Screen in 32-bit Windows:



in case of 64-bit Windows:




Settings can be 0 or 1 for the integer type (WORD) entry.

0x0 means that Splash Screen is skipped/off whilst loading.
0x1 (default) Splash is on.


If ShowSplashScreen key is not created in registry, appropriate settings can be used in Options|General|Misc to display splash screen when starting to use JChem features.

If ShowSplashScreen key is created in registry, it overrides this option, meaning that appropriate setting in Options becomes inactive (see more in details in Options topic  in JChem for Excel's User's Guide.).


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