Customization of the Menu

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The JChem menu is available in case of Microsoft Office Excel 2003.


Personal customization of the menu


Open the JChemExcelMenu.xml file for edition.


Windows Vista: C:\Users\CurrentUser\AppData\Roaming\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel\JChemExcelMenu.xml

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\CurrentUser\Application Data\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel\JChemExcelMenu.xml


Select a menu item which you want to hide from the menu (e.g.: Remove Hit Coloring) and set its visibility to FALSE.


<button id="MN_RemoveHitColoringAction" visible="false" onAction="RemoveHitColoringAction" image="RemoveHitColoringAction.png" caption="Remove Hit Coloring" tooltipText="Remove Hit Coloring." descriptionText="Remove hit coloring on selected range._" enabled="true" />


Add a new section with some new actions (e.g.: ConvertToSMILESAction and ConvertFromSMILESToStructureAction) to the menu. Add the new actions as new rows to the new section of the JChemExcelMenu.xml file.


<separator id="MN_Convert.Group" visible="true"/>

   <button id="MN_ConvertToSMILESAction" visible="true" onAction="ConvertToSMILESAction" image="ConvertToSMILES.png" caption="Convert to SMILES" tooltipText="Convert to SMILES." enabled="true" />

   <button id="MN_ConvertFromSMILESToStructureAction" visible="true" onAction="ConvertFromSMILESToStructureAction" image="ConvertFromSmiles.png" caption="Convert from SMILES" tooltipText="Convert from SMILES." enabled="true" />


Save the modified xml file as JChemExcelMenu_Custom.xml.


Windows Vista: C:\Users\CurrentUser\AppData\Roaming\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel\JChemExcelMenu_Custom.xml

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\CurrentUser\Application Data\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel\JChemExcelMenu_Custom.xml


Icons for the new buttons.


The ConvertToSMILES.png and ConvertFromSmiles.png files exist in the Images folder by default.

The customized xml file (JChemExcelMenu_Custom.xml) is loaded automatically instead of the original xml file at starting Microsoft Excel if the customization is correct. The customized JChem for Excel menu is displayed in Microsoft Excel. The "Remove Hit Coloring"  menu is hidden from the menu but the "Convert to SMILES" and "Convert from SMILES" menu items are displayed in the menu.




The original JChemExcelMenu.xml file is loaded automatically instead of the customized file at starting Microsoft Excel if there is any problem with the customization. Please check the log file for information in this case.


Corporate level customization of the menu


The above described modifications has to done in the original JChemExcelMenu.xml file and it has to be re-packed in installer.