Internal API Examples

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Open VBADemo.xlsm (or xls)

Macros have been added to the Quick Access Toolbar.



Switching between VBA editor and Excel sheets by Alt + F11 helps you checking the code of macro examples.



VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) cross calls are supported from JC4XL API 1.1 version (JC4XL 5.3.1).

Compile the VSTOAddingDemo solution, which registers itself during the compilation.

From JC4XL 5.3.3 both the ribbon (Office 2007) and other toolbars, context menus (Office 2003) are customizable, even the whole JChem tab or JChem menu can be invisible for direct usage. In this way other custom add-ins can very easily host JC4XL functionalities from their custom toolbars, ribbon bars calling the JC4XL internal IJChemExcelAPI COM interface across.

The VSTO add-in demo window automatically comes up to introduce the technique how to bind any actions (events) of JC4XL to a GUI element defined in another add-in. It can be working only on Office 2007 since VSTO library is deployed under Office 2007 only.



Internal API and actions can also be called from an old-style Office 2003 COM add-in.