Add a structure to a cell

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  1. Select the cell you want to add a structure to.
  2. Click Add/Edit button, which can be found in the JChem ribbon:



  1. Structure editor window appears:




  1. Draw or load the structure in the window. At the bottom of the window in the ID Assigment part you can type any kind of IDs or textual parameters to the drawn structure, you can select smiles or name from a drop-down list. This ID can be used later with JCIDSYSStructure function or ShowHideStructuresActionforIDs action, which provide the opportunity to flip-flop between this ID and the chemical structure in the same cell. If this ID is specified the structure will be added to the cell as a JCIDSYSStructure element:




  1. If you don't specify an ID the structure will be added as a basic JCSYSStructure element:



  1. The structure can be added to the surrounding cells by dragging. Select the cell which contains the structure. Click on the right-lower corner of the selected cell, keep pressed the mouse button and drag the mouse down or sidelong.



  1. The structure can be added to the selected cell by using the Add/Edit right-click menu item. Select an empty cell on the worksheet and select the Add/Edit right-click menu item.



  1. Draw or load a structure in the opened structure editor.



  1. Click OK.
  2. The structure is transferred to the selected cell.



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