Between Excel Instances

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Structures can be copied to the clipboard from a selected range of the worksheet and can be pasted to a worksheet in another Excel instance.


1. In Excel instance 1 select a few structures with data and press Copy Copy ribbon or right-click Copy Copy buttons.








  1. Change to Excel instance 2 and press Paste Paste ribbon or right-click menu button.


Another way to do this:


  1. After selecting a few structures with data copy the structures from Excel instance 1 to the clipboard by using Ctrl+C or the Copy right-click menu item.
  1. Keep running Excel instance 1 and change to another Excel instance (Excel instance 2), select a cell in a worksheet and select the Paste Special/XML Spreadsheet function.




  1. The structures are copied from Excel instance 1 are displayed in Excel instance 2. This solution is a bit faster than the first one, so it is advised to be used when you would like to copy a lot of structures.











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