Clone Results to a New Sheet

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It is also possible to keep all structures on the original worksheet and to save the results of structure filtering on a new worksheet.


  1. Select a worksheet which contains structures (Sheet1).




  1. Open the Filter form.
  2. Specify a query structure.
  3. Specify general and chemistry search options.
  4. Specify hit coloring and hit alignment mode.
  5. Select structure column to filter on, if there are more structure columns on the worksheet.
  6. Select the Filter Action|Action|Clone Rows option.




  1. Select a destination worksheet for the results.




  1. Click OK to run the search process.
  2. The results of structure filtering are displayed on Sheet 1(2) (specified destination worksheet) and all original structures are available on Sheet1. All original formatting options, headers and functions' specifications will be remembered and displayed on the new worksheet:


Sheet 1(2) (destination worksheet)



Sheet1-original worksheet


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