Connecting with JChem Webservices

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You can connect to database tables and views with a web service. You can find detailed information about JChem web services here:

and here:


Adding a web service based connection

  1. Click on the Import from Database ribbon button in the Import from Database form.




  1. Click on the Add Connection icon on the toolbar.




  1. Select the WebService tab on the Manage Connections form.
  2. Fill the Connection Name with anything you prefer.
  3. If authentication is switched off on the server, you don't have to specify any User Name or Password.
  4. If authentication is switched on on the server fill User Name, Password. (In this case take care of setting Authentication Type in the last step.)
  5. Fill the host name or IP address where the web service database can be found and the name of the database.
  6. Select authentication type: the default is None, if there is no authentication on the server, if there is, please select Http Basic from the drop-down menu.
  7. Click OK to save the connection.



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