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Description: Converts an Accord for Excel workbook to JChem for Excel compatible workbook.


The ConvertAccordToJC4XLAction is not available in the JChem for Excel ribbon/context menu/menu/toolbar by default but it is possible to make it available by customization of the ribbon/context menu/menu/toolbar.


After customization, clicking on the button in the opened Accord for Excel workbook, the converted file can be saved with a specified filename:




If the conversion processed successfully, an informing message appears:




In Accord for Excel files structures and IDs will be converted to a JCIDSYSStructure function, this way original IDs will be kept and will be available for further application. All JChem for Excel functions and features - including the structure handling - are available in the newly generated (converted) file. The old Accord for Excel workbook is kept without any changes.

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