Copy and Paste Multiple Structures and Values

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It is possible to convert the structures to shapes and copy them with other cell values to the clipboard in one step and paste them into another Microsoft Office application.


  1. Select some structures and some other data (e.g.: LogP, Water Solubility, MOLFORMULA, MOLWEIGHT) on a worksheet.
  2. Copy them to the clipboard by using the Copy and Paste|Multiple Structures and Values|Copy As ChemAxon Format context menu.




  1. Change to a Word document and position the cursor somewhere in the document.
  2. Make a right mouse click.
  3. Select the Paste ChemAxon Format context menu item:




  1. There are two available formats to paste the structures into the Word document:
  1. Marvin OLE Object
  2. EMF Office Image

In case of the first format, structures are editable, but it is not possible in case of the second format.

  1. Select an option and paste the structures in the selected format with cell values into the Word document.
  2. The structures as shapes and the other data are displayed in the Word document.




You can use this function to paste structures as shapes with other data from Microsoft Excel into another Microsoft Office applications (e.g.: PowerPoint).

If you want to Paste the structures and data to Power Point, please repeat the steps 3-8 but use PowerPoint instead of Word.


Formatting properties:

The "Copy to Clipboard Shapes and Cell Values" action takes some formatting properties like conditional formatting (only with basic colors, gradient coloring is not supported), cell background color, font alignment and size and puts on the clipboard. The formatted text value from the cell is also copied to the clipboard.


Copy the formatted range to the clipboard by using the "Copy to Clipboard Shapes and Cell Values" action:




Paste the content of the clipboard into Microsoft Word by using the "ChemAxon Data|Paste as Marvin OLE Object" action:







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