Filter (Search) Options

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Specify the query structure

The specification of the query structure is the same as in the case of Import from Database process, and described in details Search Option topic.


Search Options

  1. The detailed description of Basic, Chemistry and General Search Options are described in Search Options topic as well.
  2. Specify hit coloring options: the detailed description of Hit Coloring options are also available in Search Options topic.


Excel Options



My Data Has Headers: If this option is set to True, the first row is considered as header, which contains no structures and will not be included in the filtering process. If it is set to False the first row will also be filtered.

Target Column: In this box those columns are listed, which contain structures. The way of detecting structure columns on the worksheet can be defined with a specific option in Options/General/Misc/Structure Detection Type. Filtering will be processed only on one structure column, which will be the one, which has been selected in this box. Results will contain structures for all structure columns, but matching substructures will be highlighted only in the selected structure column. Many other columntypes can be used as targetcolumns, eg.

JCSYSStructure, JCIDSYSStructure, JCStructure, JC2DCleanStructure, JCCheckStructure, JCLargestFragmentStructure.


Filter Action

With this option you can specify what would you like to do with the rows containing the hit structures.




Clone Rows: The results will be copied to a new worksheet, the detailed steps are described in Clone Results to a New Sheet topic.

Hide Rows: If this option is selected, rows, which doesn't contain hit structures will be hidden, on the worksheet only hit rows will be displayed.


  1. After specifying all options, press OK button to run the filtering process.

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