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  1. 2D Cleaning

2D clean during string conversion: It is possible to apply the 2D clean function automatically at converting strings to structures to calculate new 2D coordinates for molecules. The default value of this option is False and the original 2D coordinates of structures are kept at converting strings to structures in this case. If this option is set to True, new 2D coordinates are calculated automatically at converting strings to structures. The current geometry of the structure is used at reconverting it to string, so it can result differences in the reconverted string compared to the original string.


  1. Clipboard

Conditional formatting

In this option you can select if you want to enable conditional formatting when you copy data from an excel instance. It is set to False by default, in this case no conditional formatting will be copied together with the data. If it is set to True conditional formatting will be copied together with the data and can be pasted from clipboard into another Microsoft Office application. Note that this is true only when conditional formatting was applied with basic colors, with gradient colors it is not supported yet.


  1. Logging

Logging level of user actions can be specified.




OFF: logging is turned off - it is not recommended

FATAL: serious errors are logged

ERROR: errors are logged

WARN: errors and problems which can be handled by the system are logged

INFO: general information about usage of the application is logged

DEBUG: information with values of the variables is logged (especially for the developers)

ALL: highest logging level - all information are logged


  1. R-group Decomposition and Filter

With this option you can specify which structure can be used as query for R-group Decomposition and Filter process.

Active Cell: the structure in the cell which is currently selected will be displayed and used automatically in R-group decomposition and Filter dialog as query structure, if the active cell contains a structure. If the active cell doesn't contain a structure, then the previously used query structure will be displayed, or if there was no previous filtering, the query form will remain empty.

LastUsed: the same structure will be used as query structure as the one in the last filtering/decomposition process.

When clicking on Filter or R-group decomposition in the ribbon the excel file is checked, which are the columns containing structures. Structure columns will be listed in Target Columns drop-down list in both dialogs.


In Filter dialog:




In R-Group decomposition dialog:




You can select from three possibilities:

DetectWithLimitedRows: in this case only a predefined number of rows will be taken into account to search for structure columns. The number of rows can be specified in Structure Detection Threshold option.

NoDetect: the worksheet will not be checked when opening the dialog.

DetectAll: all columns and all rows will be checked in the worksheet.


If DetectionWithLimitedRows option has been selected the number of rows can be specified to be taken into account when detecting the ones containing structures.


  1. Show Splash Screen

Show splash screen: Splash screen is coming up when you are starting to use a JChem feature in Excel informing you that JChem for Excel starts to work and about the current operating version. If this option is set to True, the splash screen is coming up at the first time when a JChem feature starts to work, for example when opening a JChem for Excel file, or when starting Excel (not JChem for Excel first), then starting to use a JChem feature. This screen appears only the first time when JChem for Excel starts working after opening an Excel instance.


  1. Structure Drawing

Structure Drawing Behaviour - Excel Dialogs: In special cases when Excel dialogs are visible, e.g. editing function arguments with cross-references to other worksheets it is advised to switch-off structure drawing possibilities. The default value of this option is False, but if you want to use special Excel dialogs, please turn this Option to True, in this case structure drawing will be switched off until excel dialogs are visible.


  1. Worksheet Name

Rename Worksheet To File Name: The default status of the Rename Target Worksheet check-box of Import File form, Import from Database form and R-group Decomposition form can be managed by this option. The check-box is unselected by default on Import File, Import from Database and R-group Decomposition forms if the value of this option is set to False. The check-box is selected by default on Import File, Import from Database and R-group Decomposition forms if the value of this option is set to True.


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