Import From Database By IDs

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Import from Database By IDs function is very useful if you have a formerly prepared list of IDs you would like to import structures and data for. The search can be run in database tables, views and synonyms. In case of databases, which can handle more users at the same time, entities belonging to different users can be handled as well. The dialog is similar but slightly different from the basic Import from Database. In this case not all data will be imported from the database but data, which belong to the subset of IDs. Connection parameters are stored in Connections.xml (see the location in your filesystem here). The same databases and connections can be used as in Import from Database.

Import by ID button is available in the Advanced ribbon. The dialog contains 3 tabs:




Database tab:




If you added a few entities as favorites in Import from Database dialog, the same ones will be displayed as favorites here as well. If the check-box was checked-in previously on the other dialog, it will be checked-in here too.

After selecting the current connection and database entity you would like to use, the selection will be displayed on the Import By ID dialog.






Columns tab:

You can simply change to Columns tab, this tab is the same as in Import from database, here you can select if you would need any other columns to be imported beside structure column. Import button will not become active until you don't select at least 2 columns to be imported (ID column is selected by default).




Progress tab:

a progress bar is displayed for the user to be able to follow the process.




After the import has been finished, the dialog closes automatically. The structures and selected data will be imported for the list of IDs as a JCIDSYSStructure function, which provides the opportunity to flip-flop between structures and IDs by pressing Structures or IDs button in ribbon:





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