Import From File By IDs

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Import By IDs function is very useful if you have a formerly prepared list of IDs you would like to import structures and data for them. The dialog is similar but slightly different from the basic Import from File dialog. In this case not all data will be imported from the file but data, which belong to the subset of IDs.


In Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 the function is available in the ribbon. The dialog contains 3 tabs:




File tab:


Columns tab:

You switch to this tab only by clicking on the name of the tab, it is the same as in Import from File, here you can select if you would need any other columns to be imported beside structure column.




Progress tab:

a progress bar is displayed for the user to be able to follow the process.




Please press the Close button when the process has been finished. The structures and selected data will be imported for the list of IDs:





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