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Description: Imports structures and other data from JChem Cartridge and JChem Base tables to preexisting data on the Excel sheet.


For example: IDs (1-10) of the compounds are in column A on the Excel sheet for assay report, and the database table has IDs (1-10) and the corresponding structures.


Import from Database By Key form - File tab

You can select a database table from you want to import structures. You have to select column A as key column and the field name of IDs in database table. You have to specify which is the structure column in the selected database table and the molecule string format. You can also decide if you want to create column headers or not. The data in database table can be imported according to IDs.




Import from Database By Key form - Columns tab

If the selected database table contains additional fields, you can specify which properties to import on the Columns tab, data without structures can be imported as well. There is no mandatory field, but at least one column has to be selected.



Import from Database By Key form - Progress tab

Clicking on the Import button starts the import process. The progress is displayed on the Progress tab. When the process is finished, the imported structures and data are displayed on the selected worksheet. Clicking Close button closes the Import from Database By Key wizard.




The ImportFromDatabaseByKeyAction is not available in the JChem for Excel ribbon/context menu/menu/toolbar by default but it is possible to make it available by customization of the ribbon/context menu/menu/toolbar.

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