JChem for Excel File Converter Tool

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About installation see more in the Admin Guide:



  1. After installation (according to the selected option during installation) the application can be started from Start menu or click on the icon on the desktop, JChem for Excel File Converter window comes up.




  1. Clicking on Browse file(s) manually... you can select Accord, ChemDraw or ISIS for Excel files to be converted.
  2. Conversion method selection (radio buttons):
  1. ISIS/Symyx method - converts ISIS/Symyx workbooks to JChem for Excel workbooks,
  2. ChemDraw method - converts ChemDraw workbooks to JChem for Excel workbooks,
  3. Accord method - converts Accord for excel workbooks to JChem for Excel workbooks,
  4. Recognize method - recognizes types of selected workbooks and converts them to JChem for Excel workbooks. You can use this method to convert multiple workbooks with different types. (This is the default method.)
  1. Clicking on Select output directory the location of the result file can be selected.






  1. After pressing Convert, the process starts. As the conversion finishes a green note appears at the bottom of the window informing the user about successful conversion. The result JChem for Excel file can be found in the previously defined directory. The file will have the same name as the original one, but a "_JC4XL" tag will be attached at the end.




  1. If any error occurred during the conversion, these will be summarized in a red coloured text at the bottom of the dialog. Pressing the Details button, you can read the whole error message.




  1. These functions of the converter tool are available as actions as well, see the description in ConvertAccordToJC4XLAction, ConvertChemDrawToJC4XLAction and ConvertISISToJC4XLAction topics.

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