JChem for Excel File Converter Right-Click Menu Item

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You can convert other file formats in JChem for Excel directly with right-click menu item.


1. Opening the Accord, ChemDraw or ISIS for excel worksheet.

2. Right-click somewhere on the worksheet and select the appropriate file format to be converted:




3. After this step, the conversion process is similar to the one with the ribbon action, the converted file can be saved with a specified name:




If the conversion processed successfully, an informing message appears:




In Accord for Excel files structures and IDs will be converted to a JCIDSYSStructure function, this way original IDs will be kept and will be available for further application. All JChem for Excel functions and features - including the structure handling - are available in the newly generated (converted) file. The old Accord for Excel workbook is kept without any changes.

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