Custom Excel Chemical Functions

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Calculator Plugins are modules of ChemAxon's Marvin and JChem cheminformatics platforms, which calculate physico-chemical properties from chemical structures. Calculator Plugins currently cover a range of life science related properties and the development of new plugins is ongoing. Available directly from Marvin, Instant JChem, and Reactor applications, command line, API, or via ChemAxon's Chemical Terms language and are also integrated into JChem for Excel's "Custom Excel Chemical Functions".

You can find additional information about Calculator Plugins here:'s+Guide

about Chemical Terms here:


JChem specific functions are collected in separate categories among basic Microsoft Excel functions and are always named starting with "JC" to differentiate from other Excel functions. Category names are starting with JChem prefix for the same reason.

Since the version JChem for Excel 6.0 has been released, functions are displayed in different sub-categories based on the field of computational chemistry they are operating:



In earlier versions JChem4Excel functions were not categorized but were listed in JChemExcel.Functions group, which is still available with all former JChem functions in the original MS Excel list to keep the software's back-ward compatibility.


A short description, which is an abstract of JChem for Excel's online help is added to each JChem function:




Clicking on Help on this function, JChem for Excel's online help opens the page, which is appropriate for the selected function:




See more in Using JChem Excel Functions topic.

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