Merge Files to a Single Worksheet

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  1. After pressing the ribbon Open button in ribbon Open file dialog opens. Scroll down to All Files *.* option and select a few or all files in a folder.




  1. You can decide if you would like to open the files on the same or on a separate worksheet. By default the "Merge files onto a single worksheet" check-box is not selected, so each file will be opened on a separate worksheet.
  2. If you check-in the check box, the selected files will be opened on the same worksheet. New columns, which were not available in previous files will be automatically added.
  3. After pressing Open, a progress bar appears informing the user about the status of the open process.




  1. All the files available in the folder (or all the ones that have been selected) will be displayed on the same sheet. Structures and data will be automatically displayed on the sheet, in the order of the selected files. Data will not be appended and no duplicate search will be performed, the structures and data will be simply displayed on the same sheet.




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