No help available for JChem for Excel functions

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Since 6.0 version of JChem for Excel "Help" is available for JChem for Excel functions in Function Arguments dialog. If you are opening this dialog and you can see that there is "No help available".




The reason why this can happen is probably because for some reasons (eg. installer issues) JCFunctions Add-In is not checked-in in your Excel Add-Ins list:




1. Please, check-in the Jcfunctions check-box and press OK and close your Excel.

2. Open MS Excel again and check if the JChemExcel functions are displayed in categories (as it is described in Custom Excel Chemical Functions topic), and select the relevant category (in this case H-Bond_Donor_Acceptor category) and select JCAcceptorCount function:




3. Help is available in Insert Function and Function Arguments dialog as well:




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