Printing Structures

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Printing a JChem for Excel file can be done on different ways.


1. Printing from Print Preview


There is a direct printing function in JChem for Excel (available only in Microsoft Excel 2007 and in Microsoft Excel 2010 in Print Preview). Print Preview can be generated by clicking on the Print Preview button in the JChem for Excel Ribbon,




then print can be started from the Print Preview window. This should be done only when the workbook contains only few structures.




2. Printing from Backstage View


This option is available only in Microsoft Excel 2010. The workbook, the active worksheet or the selected area can be printed out by using this function according to the current settings in Printing Options.

After selecting the File|Print menu chemical structures are displayed automatically in Backstage View Print Tab if the Backstage View Molecule Printing option was set to TRUE.




If this option is FALSE the area to be printed will be displayed without structures, but after clicking on the Show ChemAxon Structures button the structures will become visible. The FALSE option is used by default, because it is more advantageous in case of huge number of structures.








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