Resizing Structures

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The size of structures is limited by Excel, it cannot be increased above this limit. When resizing cells in Excel, the size of the structures will change with it automatically. To resize a structure in a cell, resize its column width, and row height as well.


Increase Structure Size

Click the Increase button in the JChem ribbon. The size of the structures increases by 10%.




Decrease Structure Size

Click the Decrease button in the JChem ribbon. The size of the structures decreases by 10%.




Redraw Structures

The structures can be redrawn if the structures are hidden from the worksheet because of any reason. You have to click on the Redraw button in this case.



Resize Structures to the Default Size in Selection

There is an action (ResizeStructuresToDefaultInSelectionAction) which can be used to resize the structures to the default structure size in a selected area. This action is not available by default but it can be added to a customized context menu or a customized ribbon. Please see the details - how to add a new action to the ribbon/context menu - in the Customization section.

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