Running SAR Table Generation

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  1. SAR table generation functionality is available on the R-group decomposition form. By checking in the "Generate SAR table only" button, you can specify if you want to carry out R-group decomposition or SAR table generation.




  1. You can specify the query structure as it is described in the Selecting_Queries_and_Targets topic of this guide. The number of R-groups to be taken into account in the decomposition process is not limited, but at the same time only two R-groups can be selected from the drop-down lists beside the "Generate SAR table only" button. Please, note that R-groups should have unique numbers, all R-groups should have different numbers. Only those structures will be listed on the resultsheet, which contain substituents at the specified connection points (see more in details about the search algorithm here). The values displayed on the sheet will be the average of the values belonging to other R-group combinations.




  1. SAR table generation can be processed only for structures available on the worksheet. If you would like to process from a file, a red exclamation mark appears beside the "Generate SAR table only" button:




  1. Press the "Generate SAR table only" button, column headers available on current worksheet are listed in Selectable Properties text box.
  2. Select those properties from the list, which you would like to be included in the SAR table generation process. One or more properties can be selected at the same time by keeping the Shift or the Ctrl buttons pressed.




  1. Press the Run button.
  2. The R-group decomposition and the SAR table generation processes are both will be carried out, but the R-group decomposition results will not be displayed. SAR results belonging to different activities/properties will be displayed on separate sheets and named as the column header of activity/property data. If there is a sheet with the same name as the column header of the property, the new sheets will have the same name but (2), (3), etc. will be added.




The area of activity/property values will be selected by default, so conditional formatting can be easily inserted on the sheet.




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