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You can convert chemical structures to images and JChem functions to pure values to be able to share the workbook with other users having no JChem for Excel installed.


The Save to Share ribbon button is available in standard JChem ribbon.



The JChem for Excel workbook contains a structure column (JCSYSStructure in the column A) and JChem functions (JCExactMass and JClogP in columns C and D) in the above example.


The normal File Save dialog opens up after pressing the Save to Share ribbon button. Only the *.xlsx file type is available for saving. You have to select a destination folder and specify a file name for the new file.


A confirmation dialog opens up at saving the new file telling the user that all unsaved changes of the original JChem for Excel workbook will be saved. You can decide if you want to proceed or not.



The original JChem for Excel workbook remains opened after saving the new file. The new *.xlsx file is saved into the selected folder with the specified file name. Chemical structures are converted to images and JChem functions (like JCExactMass and JClogP) are converted to pure values in the new Excel file. The new file can be opened and reviewed by any user having no JChem for Excel installed.




Images in the new file can be converted back to structures (JCSYSStructure) by using the Convert from Image function. (The Convert from Image function is available only for users having JChem for Excel installed.)

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