Specify Query Criteria

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It is possible to specify additional query criteria for import on Query tab. Columns could be filtered based on the following criteria:

Numeric columns: =,<>,<,”<=”,”>”,”>=”

Text based columns: Like, Starts with, Ends with, Contains.

Note: The decimal separator should be always specified as „.”, regardless of the cultural settings.


Query criteria for related tables

If the selected table contains related tables, it is possible to specify query criteria on those columns as well.

Note: Related tables are tables that have foreign key relation between them defined in Oracle. This information is retrieved from the Oracle schema.


How to specify a query criterion

  1. Select AND or OR from the AND/OR column. Only one logical operator can be selected for all the criteria.
  2. Select the database table (all the related tables are listed here, together with the original table).
  3. Select the database column (only columns for the previously selected table are listed here).
  4. Select the operator.
  5. Fill in the value.


Find all structures where the molweight is less than 250, and the formula begins with „C10”.



Deleting a query criterion

  1. Select the row by clicking on the row header.
  2. Press DEL button on the keyboard.


By pressing Next button you can switch to Columns tab.

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