JChem for Office Known Issues

JChem for Office


  • If the "Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V runs JChem for Office Copy/Paste" option is set to False, after using Microsoft Office Copy-Paste with structures clipboard is cleared and Microsoft Office Paste becomes inactive.

  • Trimming spaces does not work as expected at converting SMILES to structure in JChem for Excel and in JChem for PowerPoint.

  • When ChemDraw OLE - Marvin OLE redirection is set in the registry, then when editing the structure it will keep the CS ChemDrawing OLE format but it can be edited with Marvin OLE editor as well.

Import from database / file

  • Stereochemistry option is not remembered in the next search run during Structure Filtering.

  • Structure search is not available at synonyms in case of connecting to Oracle Cartridge through JChem Web Services.

  • Empty slides are inserted between imported structures in case of "One Structure per Page" import layout in JChem for PowerPoint.

JChem for Excel

Editor Pane

  • After the first opening the selected structure is not displayed in the Editor Pane in the 3rd row in win10, O2016-64-bit environment.

  • If "Conformation on change" option is checked-in in Editor Pane, the confirmation dialog about transferring the molecule back, appears again after clicking Yes on it.


  • If JChem for Excel is installed by using the JChem for Office installer and it is installed to a custom (non-default) path, then the Help cannot be opened from the JChem ribbon.

  • The JCFixStructure function with "abbrevgroup->ungroup" action string sometimes results in distorted structures in JChem for Excel.

Import from Database

  • It causes error when the user attempts to execute a query in case of a TNS type connection if the "JChem Base" search method is selected in the property grid.

Import by IDs

  • The selected IDs cannot be converted to structures by using the Associate IDs function if the referenced database table contains the structures in BLOB field type and there is at least one no-structure record among the IDs.

  • Empty SDFile is generated when exporting from IDStructure column type, if ID has been set to visible not the structure.


  • Copy-pasting a whole column with structures to an empty column with ribbon Copy-Paste button might be very slow.

  • The "undo/Ctrl+Z" function does not work for copy-paste events in JChem for Excel if the "Keyboard Events" option is set to TRUE in the Options.


  • Windows 10 version 1709 (released by Microsoft on 17th October, 2017) is supported in JChem for Office since version 17.28.0 (released on 9th November, 2017). Earlier JChem for Office versions crash in Excel with this operation system version.

  • The cross-sheet or workbook references has to be entered manually or switch on the Structure Drawing Behaviour for Excel Dialogs to TRUE to do it automatically.

  • If there are structures on the sheet and a chart or a comment is added (comments need to be shown continuously), then when moving the chart or the comment over the structure cells, structures can be seen on the chart or comment object.

  • Maximum 4000 structures can be converted to Excel image shapes by using the "Convert Structure to Excel Image Shape" and "Save to Share" functions due to upper limit of GDI handles that can be opened per session.


  • When editing a structure inserted from a .CDX file, .CDX format will be changed to .MRV after structure editing, when saving the structure with right-click option.

  • Cell comments can be edited only if the "Show All Comment" or "Show/Hide Comments" buttons has been pressed in Review ribbon or right-click menu.

  • Valence errors are not shown in Excel even if the "Show Valence Error" option is TRUE.

  • Excel crashes when opening Import from database dialog, if Logging Level has been set to All.

  • Issues with Detailed Resolution Steps

    1. Warning message appears when a workbook is opened:

    "This workbook contains links to other data sources." The formula bar display formulas like this:

    ='C:\Program Files (x86)\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel\JCFunctions.xla'!JCIUPACName(A1)


    2. In case a function doesn't work in JChem for Excel

    For the proper behavior of JChem for Excel and its functions, you should have the following Addins active (after using the first JChem action, e.g. "Options"):

    COM Add-ins:

    - CXNSharedAddin

    - JChemExcel JChemExcelAddin

    Excel Add-ins:

    - Jcfunctions

    - JChemExcel Functions

    To activate the CXNSharedAddin as a COM Add-in:

    1. File > Options > Add-Ins > select the COM Add-ins in the manage combo box > Go...

    2. Select the checkbox next to CXNSharedAddin > OK

    To activate the JChemExcel Functions as an Excel Add-in:

    1. File > Options > Add-Ins > select the Excel Add-ins in the manage combo box > Go...

    2a. Select the checkbox next to JChemExcel Functions > OK

    2b. If the JChemExcel Functions item does not exists in the list, then click Automation

    3b. Select JChemExcel Functions from the list, then click OK

    To activate the Jcfunctions as an Excel Add-in:

    1. File > Options > Add-Ins > select the Excel Add-ins in the manage combo box > Go...

    2a. Select the checkbox next to Jcfunctions > OK

    2b. If the Jcfunctions item does not exists in the list, then click Browse

    3b. Browse to C:\Program Files\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel\JCFunctions.xla , select it, then click OK

    (3b-b. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel\JCFunctions.xla , select it, then click OK)

    After the above steps please restart Excel.