Favourite Tables

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There is a possibility to filter out tables and views from the total list of connectable databases and mark tables and views as favourites by using the Add to favourite context menu item. You can manage this setting directly from the Import from Database form and also in the Options.




Favourite tables and views are marked by a small icon (a yellow five peaked star).

You can filter out the non-favourite tables and views from the list by selecting the Show only favourites check-box on the Import from Database form:



Of course you can display all tables and views again by unselecting the Show only favourites check-box:



It is possible to remove the favourite mark from a table/view by using the Remove from favourite context menu item:



You can mark tables and views as favourites in any connection types (Oracle type connections, MySQL type connection, IJC connections) and it is possible to mark other user's tables as favourites as well.








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