File import

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You can specify some settings for the Import File function.


File import options


Date and Currency

Treat Date And Currency As Text: Dates and currency data will be treated as text fields in the file import process, if the value of this option is set to TRUE. If this value is FALSE, these values will be imported as date and currency.



Text Encoding: The default value of this option is "unspecified". If you know that the file you want to import has UTF character coding, you have to set this option to UTF8, this way the characters will be imported correctly.


Field Filtering

Default File Field Filter

This option is very useful when you are importing files having the same columns regularly. Here you can select an .xml file, which shows the rules for selecting the required fields to be imported, this way this selection doesn't need to be repeated each time.

A default .xml file can be selected here, which defines the fields to be imported to a file.



Garbage Collection in Import Loop

You can consolidate memory on every n. molecule imported from a large file. The function is disabled if the value is set to zero. The default value of this option is 10.


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