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You can simply copy structure(s) from commonly used structure editors like MarvinSketch, Marvin JS, ChemDraw, SymyxDraw, ISISDraw to JChem for Excel cells in drawing object and image formats.


  1. Draw a structure (or structures) in MarvinSketch, and select it:




  1. Select Edit/Copy As menu option:




  1. You can select from any formats available in drawing applications:




  1. In this case you have to use Paste Paste ribbon and right-click menu button to paste the structure to different Office applications as a live structure.




  1. You can also select in Marvin different image types to be used in Copy As functionality:




  1. In this case you have to use the Ctrl+V button combination:




  1. From Marvin JS structures can be copied only in default format (.mol), this way structure display settings (e.g ball and stick) cannot be pasted together with the structure. When copying from Marvin JS, only the ribbon Paste button can be used.


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