Image formatting

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You can define default size, insertion type and some layout parameters for displayed structures.



Image formatting options




You can specify if you would like to see a border around the inserted structure or not. The default value of this option is TRUE.


Fixed Scale

The scale of the structure can be defined with this value in percentage. Default value is 100 and 0 means that this parameter is turned off and the structure size is lead by the Image Size parameter, which can be set in the General/Image Formatting/Image Size option. If this value is set, the structures will be displayed with a fixed bond length and their size will be increased proportional to each other. The value will be the same as the zoom factor in Marvin sketch dialog, when opening the structure for editing. Higher values mean that structures will be displayed with a fixed size and bond length, all bond length will be equal and will be increased proportional to each other.

This option is not defined in case of tables, because structures are always fitted to table cell size.

If the Image Size and the Fixed Scale options are both different from default, the value of the Fixed Scale option will be taken into account prior to image size.


Fixed Scale options can be achieved by "Scale" or "Display and Scale" buttons in ribbon.




Image Size

A default structure size can be set here for the inserted structures.


Insertion Type

You can preselect here the structure insertion type for the following functions:

Available insertion types


Paste Fit Content

You can specify if the imported tables should fit the current page in the document/presentation/e-mail message or not. The default value of this option is FALSE.


Replace OLE with JCO object upon editing

When double clicking on an OLE object, the molecule source is extracted, and after clicking OK, a normal JChem for Office object will be created instead of the original Marvin OLE object.

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