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Working with structures
Add a structure
Edit a structure
Edit a Structure With Double-Click
Insert Single Structure files
Delete a structure
Copy and Paste
Inside MS Office Applications
Copy from JChem for Excel
Copy and Paste Single Structures with Ctrl+C-V
Copy and Paste tables from Excel
To External Applications
Copy and Paste single structures
From External Applications
From Instant JChem (IJC)
From External Structure Editors
Convert to SMILES (from structure)
Convert from SMILES (to structure)
Convert from text (to structure)
Import from Database
Managing Connections
Connecting to an Oracle Database
Connecting to a MySQL Database
Connecting to an MSSQL Database
Connecting to PostgreSQL database
Connecting with JChem Webservices
Working with Connections
Favourite Tables
Exploring Database Tables, Views and Columns
Mapping Results
Search Options
Specify Query Criteria
Selecting Columns for Import
Selecting Rows for Import
Running the Search
Import from IJC database
Selecting Source for Import
Selecting Columns for Import
Selecting Records for Import
Importing Selected Records
Import from File
Selecting File for Import
Selecting Columns for Import
Selecting Rows for Import
Running the Import Process
Image formatting
Structure Display
Structure Editor
File import
IJC import
Database Import
Data Mapping Limitations
Event Handling
Add properties to document
Elemental Analysis
IUPAC Naming
Protonation and Partitioning
Topology Analysis
Markush Enumeration
Hydrogen Bond Donor-Acceptor
Drug Discovery Filtering
How to check the bit-version of Microsoft Office installed on my computer?
Microsoft Office 2007 (already not supported)
Microsoft Office 2010
Uninstall and Upgrade
Disable and re-enable JChem for Office add-ins
License file location
User Interface Customization