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To install JChem for Office please download the proper installer for 32 or 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office from the ChemAxon's website:


JChem for Office can be used on computers where Microsoft Office 2010 or above is installed. Please note the install process requires Admin rights! Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft Office Desktop App from Windows Store are not supported!


You can find the supported Microsoft Office versions here:



Before installation, please make sure that all upgrades, which are available for your current Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office version, are installed on your computer.

Please note that you always have to be an administrator or must have administrator rights on the computer to be able to install JChem for Excel or JChem for Office properly.

Meanwhile the install process the installers automatically check a lot of things on your computer (your MS Office version, bit version of your Ms Office, prerequisites, version of .Net framework, etc.), if something is missing or does not supported there will be shown information popup dialogs about the exact problem of the installation.



The installers automatically check the required prerequisites and if something is missing it will automatically offer to install via online from the Microsoft's site. Please note JChem for Office cannot work properly without the following prerequisites:


The Setup Wizard helps you to install the application in a few steps.


Components to be installed

After reading and accepting the End-User License Agreement you can decide which one of the components you want to install. Please note, that JChem for Office cannot be installed without JChem for Excel. For this reason the check-box for JChem for Excel is in checked state and greyed out. If you don't change anything on this page, all components will be installed (Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Excel).



Selected components to be installed


You can also specify if you would like to install for the user you are logged in with or for all the user accounts created on the computer. In case of all users install, please note that all running Microsoft Excel applications have to be closed in every user's profile, otherwise the install will not success for those users. Other users can be logged in or logged out meanwhile the install process, it does not matter, one of the most important thing beside closing all running Microsoft Excel application in other user's profile is that only the Administrator user who is able to do the current or the all users install.


We also check if any previous JChem for Excel add-in or maybe other Excel add-ins are already installed on the computer. If a previous version of JChem for Excel is still available, it should be uninstalled. If other Excel add-ins are installed, it should cause unexpected errors when Excel is launched and all add-ins would try to be loaded at the same time.




Install process

At the next step you can start installing the application by clicking on the Install button.



Start install process


The Setup Wizard shows the current status of the install process.



Status of install process


After the application has been successfully installed you can close the Setup Wizard by clicking Finish.



Exit from Setup Wizard


You can check the whole process on the following video:




Silent install

You can install JChem For Office in silent mode from v18.18.0 and later versions.



You have to run Command Prompt in administration mode.


In case of All users install and uninstall, be sure that other users are not running Microsoft Excel application and there is no restricted JChem for Excel Addin among their Excel settings.




Start cmd (Command prompt) with run as administrator mode.



msiexec /i - install


msiexec /x - uninstall


msiexec {install option} {the msi file} {/quiet /qn /norestart - for the silent mode} {log file to create - optional} {Modules - optinal} {All users install - optional}




1. JC4O install with all modules for the current user


msiexec /i C:\INSTALL\JChem_For_Office_18.18.11.138.x64.msi /quiet /qn /norestart



2. JC4O install with all modules for all users


msiexec /i C:\INSTALL\JChem_For_Office_18.18.11.138.x64.msi /quiet /qn /norestart /log C:\INSTALL\JC4O_install.log INSTALL_USERS=All



3. JC4O install with ONLY JChem For Excel module ("" means not to install the module) for the current user


msiexec /i C:\INSTALL\JChem_For_Office_18.18.11.138.x64.msi /quiet /qn /norestart /log C:\INSTALL\JC4O_install.log WORD="" POWERPOINT="" OUTLOOK=""



4. JC4O uninstall in silent mode:


msiexec /x C:\INSTALL\JChem_For_Office_18.18.11.151.x64.msi /quiet /qn /norestart /log C:\INSTALL\JC4O_install.log





In the same process all applications (JChem for Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, OneNote as a prototype) will be installed, the JChem ribbon will be displayed in the Microsoft Office application and you can use the feature set of JChem for Office there:



JChem tab in Excel




JChem tab in Word




JChem tab in PowerPoint




JChem tab in Outlook



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