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When JChem for Office programmatic interface is used (external API) log files can be expected in component specific folders.

These component specific folders can be found in the ChemAxon root folder under the following locations:

Windows Vista or above: C\Users\Current User\AppData\Roaming\ChemAxon


If you turn to support help, these folders need to be zipped and sent to the relevant support team/department. Please take care of that log files might contain confidential local information (molecules) therefore log files are better to be sent directly to the support teams. Forum posts are public and searchable for other users therefore should be avoided for any log file uploading. Support teams handle the logging information confidentially.


Logging level

Logging level is the most important setting for both users and administrators. It allows to change the verbose level, i.e. how much information the log file needs to contain. You can specify the logging level in the Options.

Following logging levels are available:


Event logging

All ChemAxon components and applications like JChem for Office also place error level log information in the System Event Log (in addition to the log file). Microsoft Event Log Guide Event Viewer shows all types of logs, ChemAxon generally reports problem under Application section.

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