Managing Connections

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JChem for Excel (Office) can be connected to the following types of databases:



You can connect to database tables and views with a web service. You can find detailed information about JChem web services here:

and here:


The same kind of database connection process is implemented in all JChem for Office products. If a connection has been added in one of JChem for Office products, it will be available in all other products after a restart. Connection information will be stored in Connections.xml, which is located under the default local user folder, the same place in all 4 products:


C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel\Connections.xml


When re-opening the Import from Database dialog, the last selected connection will be remembered and automatically selected when opening the same dialog and if the Excel instance has not been closed. In Import By ID and Import IJC dialog this connection information will not be remembered.

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