Insert Single Structure files

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You are able to open single structure from a wide variety of file formats. The following file formats can be opened: CDX, CML, MOL, MOL2, MRV, PDB, SKC, SMARTS, CXSMARTS, SMILES.

The opened structure will be added to the Microsoft Office application in the preselected format (Image or OLE) specified in the Options.


Select a

you want to add a structure to.

In case of Word documents and Outlook e-mail messages you can position the cursor somewhere in the document/e-mail message to specify the structure position.


Click on the Insert button, which can be found in the JChem ribbon in Edit section.


The File Open dialog of the current Office application opens up. The last used folder is remembered by JChem for Office and it is selected by default.

Select a file which contains a structure in the appropriate format and press the Open button.


File Open dialog of a Microsoft Office application


The structure is opened from the selected file and added to the selected



Opened structure in a Microsoft Word document



Opened structure in a PowerPoint presentation



Opened structure in an Outlook e-mail message


The structure can be repositioned by dragging it within the document/slide/e-mail message.

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