Selecting File for Import

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The Import File form can be opened by pressing the From File ribbon button in the JChem ribbon. FromFile_Button On the File tab you can select a file for import and you can specify here some data placement settings.


File tab of the Import File form


File to Import

Click the small Browse button next to the File to Import field to open the File Open dialog of the current Office application. The last used folder is remembered by JChem for Office and it is selected by default. Select the type of the file you want to import and select a file which contains structures with additional data and press the Open button. If you want to import a file with Document to Structure, you have to select a document from the drop-down list. It is indicated if the format of the selected file cannot be recognized by the system (red exclamation mark with tooltip). You are allowed to enter the file name with path manually into the File to Import field of the Import File form as well. It is indicated if the specified file does not exists (red exclamation mark with tooltip).


File tab of the Import File form with a selected file


Format Specific Import Options


Data Placement


Map Hit Coloring

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