Selecting Rows for Import

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The hits are displayed on the Rows tab in a database grid view, the number of hits is displayed at the left bottom side of the dialog. On this tab rows to be mapped can be selected by clicking on a few row(s) or by using Select all and Deselect all buttons.




Right-clicking on a row in the grid view you can choose from the following two possibilities:

Copy and Properties.




If you click on Properties you can investigate and change all properties of the appropriate molecule (for example Display options, etc.)




You can refine your search further by pressing the Filter button above the dialog:




The well-known Filter dialog opens:




After pressing OK, the dialog is closed and filter process is performed. If you click on Select all, all rows will be selected, if you click Deselect all, the selection will be removed from all data rows. Or you can select the rows with the generally used Shift and Ctrl buttons.

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