Uninstall and Upgrade

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Before uninstall JChem for Office from your computer please close all running Microsoft Excel applications in every user's profile, otherwise the uninstall will not success for those users who has running Microsoft Excel application. Other users can be logged in or logged out meanwhile the uninstall process, it does not matter, one of the most important thing beside closing all running Microsoft Excel application in other user's profile is that only the Administrator user who is able to do a successful uninstall.


If you would like to install a newer version of JChem for Excel or JChem for Office on your computer, first you have to uninstall previous one (e.g. ChemAxon JChem for Excel 15.4.2700.2588) manually in Control Panel|Programs|Programs and Features.




You can install JChem for Office beside JChem for Excel already available on your computer, but only if they have the same version number, in this case it will be listed in a separate line (JChem for Office):




If you would like to upgrade to a newer version of JChem for Office, please uninstall both ChemAxon JChem for Excel 15.4.2700.2588 and JChem for Office applications. If you install JChem for Excel and Office separately, please make sure, that they have the same released version number.

If you have different ChemAxon products installed on your computer, please, make sure that they have the same released version.


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