User Interface Customization

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In JChem for Office it is possible to customize the JChem ribbon with Microsoft Office's built-in tool. In this chapter we ill demonstrate how to remove an old tab and add a new one in the ribbon of Microsoft Word. The same procedure can be done in PowerPoint and Outlook as well.


1. Right-click in the ribbon in JChem tab and select Customize the Ribbon:




2. Options dialog opens. Please select All Commands from the drop-down list:




3. Create a new group of tabs on the right side of the dialog, by pressing the "New Group" button and add a name with "Rename" button below the Main Tabs list:






4.  After pressing OK, the new tab is added to the customized JChem ribbon:




5. Open again the Word Options dialog by right-clicking on Customize the Ribbon and add commands to the new tab:




6. After pressing OK "Simplified Copy" and "Simplified Paste" commands are added to the New Data Transfer tab:




7. If you want to remove the older version of this tab or any other unnecessary tabs, you need to press the Remove button:




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